“Shaddi the Joy of True Companionship”

Share and Spread Happiness and be Handy to the Soul Mate. Trust and make Trusted. Welcome each other to the new family of joy.

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“Preciously Hold Faith of the Family”

Take a pride to hold the Belief, Strength, Happiness and even more of your family. Humble promise to preserve your gratitude for the entire part of the life you are stepping in.

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“Life Partner Blessed to You by God”

No more single! God blessed you a life partner to meet your soul all through your life. Praise God in gratefulness for the magnificent matchup soul mate created for you!

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“In a Deep Thought of Soul Mate”

Look person cares for your entire necessity in etiquette. Discover the person made for you. Join your hand in the name of Nikah with blessings of Insha Allah. Start to share feelings of joy in a reliable way.

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The Memorable Wedding Cards